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Jason Stemple

Meet's prominent Charleston Photographer Jason Stemple!

Jason is a local freelance photographer with over 18 years of experience specializing in nature, architecture and lifestyle. His photography has been featured in numerous magazines and textbooks and has illustrated 15 children’s books by Jane Yolen including 2002 National Outdoor Book Award winner, Wild Wings, and 2009 John Burroughs Young Readers Award winner, A Mirror To Nature.

His work has taken him from Colorado to the Florida Everglades, to Ireland and everywhere in between, but he spends most of his time here in the Lowcountry working on his newest book projects and shooting for commercial clients.

Enjoy this small sampling of his extraordinary work...

About Charleston Photographer Jason Stemple

I grew up in Hatfield, Massachusetts, a small farming town in the Connecticut River Valley. My father, David Stemple was a computer science professor and chairman of the department at U Mass Amherst. My mother, Jane Yolen is an author of well over 200 books and passed her writing gene on to my siblings - my sister Heidi is an author and my brother Adam is a novelist and musician.

I became interested in photography in high school, and entered an early placement program at Greenfield Community College where I studied graphic design and photography. My other passion was skiing, so once I had received my associates degree from GCC I decided to continue my education and quest for better skiing at Western State College of Colorado. There, I majored in business and continued to build a photographic body of work in my new majestic surroundings.

In my last year at Western State my mother and I began to collaborate on book projects. First was a small autobiography called A Letter From Phoenix Farm, then came Water Music, Once upon Ice, Snow Snow, House House, Color Me a Rhyme, Wild Wings (winner of the 2006 National Outdoor Book Award), Horizons, Least Things, Fine Feathered Friends, Count Me a Rhyme, Shape Me A Rhyme, A Mirror To Nature (winner of the 2009 John Burrough’s Award) and An Egret’s Day.

I now live with my wife, Joanne, and twin girls, Caroline and Amelia, in Charleston, South Carolina and work as a freelance photographer. In between shooting for commercial clients I am working on several different book projects with and without my mother and am continuing to build a large supply of stock photography (

Charleston Photographer Jason Stemple

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