Fried Green Tours

Fried Green Tours is excited to be operating in the most beautiful and historic city in the United States. Our company is comprised of tour guides who were tired of the same old stories and sights. Our tours take place off the beaten path, in the oldest and most interesting parts of the Holy City, including:

* The College of Charleston
* The Old Citadel
* A Revolutionary War Burial Ground
* The Site of the Charleston Orphan Asylum
* Randolph Hall
* King George IV Inn

It is our mission at Fried Green Tours to provide entertainment, education, and enthusiasm to patrons from near and far. We have gathered 18 years of experience, including renowned author and guide Ed Macy, to give Charleston its most unique tour ever.

Fried Green Tours' guide Ed Macy has been featured on The Travel Channel, The History Channel, HGTV, CNN, BBC, Discovery Channel Europe and Travel & Leisure Magazine. Macy has been a tour guide for fifteen years and developed the very first walking ghost tour in Charleston. He is the author of the best-selling book, “Haunted Charleston.”

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