Doin' the Charleston

Doin' the Charleston Tours offers much more than just a tour of Charleston..... It's an overwhelmingly entertaining experience!

We guarantee you will spend the most entertaining and informative 90 minutes of your stay in Charleston, South Carolina during your tour with Doin' The Charleston Tours. You'll also get the best tips on how to make the most of your visit here in Charleston.

You’ll not only see Charleston as she is today but your entertaining, charismatic native Charlestonian guide will take you through over eight miles of Charleston's beautiful historic district. From the large windows of your comfortable air-conditioned Charleston tour bus, you’ll see hundreds of buildings, homes and churches all bursting with nearly 350 years of Charleston history.

Your Charleston tour will include an onboard multimedia presentation of Charleston's history with stories set to music, so you can just sit back and watch as Charleston and South Carolina's history comes to life. You'll step back in history to see faces, places, things and events that molded Charleston's culture and history including places that no longer exist!

Doin' the Charleston Tours is the ONLY Charleston tour that features a video presentation set to music with historical images. This unique experience brings to life the events that shaped Charleston, South Carolina. You’ll meet signers of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, statesmen, pirates, soldiers and extraordinary Charleston citizens all of whom played a role in shaping Charleston's and South Carolina's history. You’ll witness the flourishing of a culture, the humiliation of military occupation, and the devastation of earthquakes, hurricanes and war, and the rebirth of Charleston into a modern thriving city.

Sit back, relax and see why Doin' the Charleston Tours, with charismatic tour guide Marvin’s 25 years of experience, make this Charleston tour the best one around.

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