A Trip w/ Teenage Boys

by a mom who grew up in the area
(who now lives in the mountains of Pennsylvania)

1. Beach house at Folly Beach....surfing, skim boards, fishing on the pier, gullies full of crabs, starfish, etc., bodysurfing, paddle boards, dolphins, kayacks, sailing
2. Patriots Point
3. The Market.....the mineral store has bracelets, necklaces, and a dollar table; there is a store where boys can design structures with wooden pieces; Brookstone in the Charleston Place is full of cool gadgets
4. The Aquarium
5. Buy live crabs from Crosby's on Folly or use chicken necks to go crabbing and then steam them for 20-30 minutes and sprinkle w/Old Bay seasoning and then feast!
6. The Have Nots! Comedy Improve Company...usually clean humor, Wednesday nights only $5 per person
7. Carriage Ride OR a longer air conditioned bus tour....all tell great historical stories and use humor
8. Sports....basketball and tennis at Folly's city park...River Dogs....StingRays
9. The Battery with a camera to take funny shots
10. Eating, Roller Derby, and Music....fantastic restaurants everywhere and bands at different places...this iiiiis a college town, too, so look for flyers at local businesses/restaurants especially on King St.

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